Ep 1: The Last Unicorn

Welcome to the first episode of Gosh, Cartoons! This episode we dissect The Last Unicorn and discuss the themes, trivia, and why you all should re-cut the movie to include lines from The Big Lebowski. We also interview Hayden Black, writer and director of Gen Zed and ask him a little bit about writing a comedy show that has real emotional experiences in it. Also, we miss Veerender and can't wait for him to join us for our second episode concerning The Girl Who Leaped Through Time.

[The Mary Sue talks about Gen Zed's harassment.]
[Inside the Persistent Boys Club of Animation from Buzzfeed]
[The Last Unicorn]
[Gen Zed's trailer]
[Gen Zed's website]
[Gen Zed's tumblr]
[Gen Zed's facebook]
[Gen Zed's twitter]

Our theme music comes from the wonderful Donnie Cuzens, check out his bandcamp [here!]

And make sure you're ready for episode 02 by getting your hands on The Girl Who Leaped Through Time! See you in two weeks!

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