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Ep 1 Stuck in a Weight Centric Operating System

Why is it that everyone seems to be pushing a weight-centric agenda? Weight centrism is a cultural norm, medical behemoth, and capitalist bonanza. This podcast delves into the forces that bind us externally and internally, to weight centrism.

Learning Outcomes

· Recognise the various individual, social and structural factors which currently reinforce weight centrism

· Appreciate some of the ways that weight centrism results in discrimination and unethical healthcare practice

· Appreciate the impact of Confirmation Bias on own beliefs and the beliefs of others

· Recognise the phenomenon of Cognitive Dissonance when presented with information that conflicts with own beliefs


Feel free to start a discussion in the comments below :-)

The supporting materials for this episode including show notes, further reading and the quiz can be purchased here: www.unpackingweightscience.com/shop 

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