Ep 14: Dr. Timothy Hunt - Courageous, Compassionate, Innovative, and the Boss I Wish Every Vet Could Have

Please Note: There is an important update in the introduction to Dr. Hunt's interview. And apologies for the poor sound quality of Dr. Hunt's interview. This was the last interview I recorded before figuring out how to record separate voice tracks.

Dr. Timothy Hunt graduated with his DVM degree from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. He began his career as an Associate Veterinarian at a multi- doctor, mixed animal practice in southwest Minnesota, eventually becoming a partner in that practice.

Dr. Hunt ultimately decided to strike out on his own and spent the next several years as a solo mixed animal practitioner. After selling this practice, he moved to Maine where he focused on small animal medicine and surgery. It was during this time that he developed an interest in leadership and practice management.

Dr. Hunt then went on to serve as Medical Director at two different, large AAHA certified animal hospitals, and as Recruiting and Professional Relations Director for VCA Animal Hospitals, before becoming an independent consultant. Over the last several years, Dr. Hunt has managed multi-site hospital groups, and is currently the Chief Operations Officer for a multi-site hospital group in New England.

Dr. Hunt’s breadth of experience over the last 19 years in so many different aspects of veterinary medicine gives him unique insights as well as a wealth of knowledge to draw from in helping hospitals reach their full potential. His specialty is helping hospitals create optimal client centric experiences by redesigning the way they deliver medical care, leading to improved client satisfaction and increased compliance.

During the course of our conversation, Dr. Hunt and I discuss:

  • His reasons for leaving his partnership despite the enormous financial and legal risks
  • How he started his own practice in his laundry room despite having a wife and new baby to support, and $150K in student loan debt
  • What got him interested in leadership and management
  • His experiences as a Corporate Recruiter and then Medical Director before striking out on his own again as an Independent Consultant
  • The responsibilities and adventures of his current position, including:
    • How he fixed the toxic environment of one of the hospitals he manages
    • His hiring practices and why he recently hired a brand new graduate instead of other more experienced applicants
    • What kind of support and mentoring he provided this new graduate
    • Why his contracts include non-compete clauses - even for ER veterinarians
    • How's he's increased both client compliance as well as doctor and staff satisfaction

If you watch the video of our interview, you may get the idea that I have a bit of a professional crush on Dr. Hunt - and you'd be right. He's the boss I wish I'd had when I began my career in veterinary medicine, and if I were Queen, every new graduate veterinarian would get to have a boss like him.

To find out more about Dr. Hunt or to contact him directly, please visit www.huntveterinaryconsulting.com