EP#18: Falklands War!

We start the Holidays with a Bang! CLASH! presents much anticipated interview with former Argentinian Journalist Gabriel Uriarte on Falkland War. Naval Warfare is notoriously hard to track. Gabriel dropped knowledge on us like a million of depth charges, totally blew us out of the water. Only at CLASH! To our subscribers, Happy Holidays! 


Gabriel Uriarte twitter handle: @Gb_A_U 

 Map: Falkland/Malvinas Islands   

Map with Ocean Depth from Battle of the Atlantic 

South Georgia is all the way to the right of Falklands

 Lieutenant General Leopoldo Galtieri, leader of the Argentine Junta  

Admiral Jorge Anaya was the driving force in the Junta's decision to invade  

Argetinian Commando captures British Garrison

British Helicopter attacked surfaced Argentinian sub Santa Fe

 ARA General Belgrano, sinking 

Sinking of HMS Sheffield 


HMS Antelope sunk by bombs dropped by Argentinian Airforce 

British Infantry deployment in East Falklands after landing in San Carlos 

British Commando march toward Port Stanley

HMS Invincible returns

Notes From Gabriel:

factoid I mentioned about Begin's Israel doing its best to keep sending us weapons is described here, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/23/israel-sold-weapons-to-argentina-at-height-of-falklands-war-reve/. At the end of the article you get that story I was garbling about how for Begin this was payback for Revolt-in-the-Desert days,

Menachem Begin, then Israel’s prime minister, had begun his career as commander of the Irgun, the Jewish underground which fought the British in Palestine in the 1940s. A fellow Irgun fighter, Dov Gruner, was hanged by the British in 1947. In Operation Israel, Mr Dobry suggests Begin saw arming Galtieri as a way of exacting revenge against Britain. After authorising the sale of weapons during the Falklands War, Begin reportedly said: “Dov up there is going to be happy with the decision.”

It's a cool story, but the problem is that, in the context of Israel's general policy of selling weapons or sending trainers to people who were under human-rights sanctions or embargoes (saw a piece today that referred to it, https://electronicintifada.net/content/israels-shadowy-role-guatemalas-dirty-war/19286), my impression is that, if Begin did say that, it was just as bonus for a policy they were going to undertake anyway. The surprising thing, to a modern audience, is that there was a time when allies, even trivial ones like Argentina, could actually be the sanctioned by the US or UK for human rights abuses. 

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famous  Argentine tango "Por una Cabeza"  , Carlos Gardel

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Lyrics in both languages here, http://www.planet-tango.com/lyrics/porunaca.htm

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