Ep 190 | Moss, Bombslinger, and Emotional Games
On this week's episode, Scott, Zack, Chris O, and Chris B. discuss games that effected them emotionally. New games we played include "Moss", "Bombslinger", "Adventure Pals", and "Ash of Gods", and more "Far Cry 5".

On This Episode

(Start) Welcome/Introduction

(5:37) News ("Spyro the Dragon" remaster collection, "Shaq-Fu: The Legend Reborn", "Radical Heights" from Bosskey Studios)

(25:27) From the Outside In Topic: "Games That Made Us Emotional"  

Games We've Been Playing

(48:15) "Moss" [PSVR]

(55:14) "Bombslinger" [Xbox One]

(1:03:21) "Adventure Pals" [Switch]

(1:08:36) "Ash of Gods" [PC]

(1:15:08) "Far Cry 5" [PC]

(1:22:37) Closing

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