Ep. 20: Kett's New Radio!

In this episode of Adult Crash, Kett makes Lacy a mix tape! 

Music in this episode : 

Minor threat- salad days and stumped

then:    S-21: Mass Grave     https://s-21.bandcamp.com/ 

FREE: Out Of Darkness    https://freehc.bandcamp.com/ 

Solarized: Divination    https://solarized.bandcamp.com/ 

Downtown Boys: Break A Few Eggs   https://downtownboys.bandcamp.com/ 

Firewalker: Something In The Air    https://firewalkerhc.bandcamp.com/ 

Glory: Expression   https://bbbrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-12 

Open City: On The Spit   https://theeopencity.bandcamp.com/releases 

Open City: Whose God? 

Limpwrist: Thick Skin   https://limpwrist.bandcamp.com/ 

Limpwrist: They Tell Me 

Beak>: Mono   https://beak.bandcamp.com/ 

Exit Order: Clear The Dust   https://exitorder.bandcamp.com/ 

Composite: oh! Sirena   https://compositeoakland.bandcamp.com/ 

Fiddlehead: We Are Not Friends   https://fiddleheadma.bandcamp.com/releases 

Alien Boy: Burning II   https://alienboypdx.bandcamp.com/ 

Chondria: Agita   https://chondria.bandcamp.com/releases 

Ringer: The Voice https://ringerhc.bandcamp.com/ 

Fury: Thin Line   https://furyhc.bandcamp.com/ 

Kochiyama: Lost It All   https://kochiyama.bandcamp.com/ 

Mindset: Nothing Less   https://reactrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-less 

Pure Disgust: White Silence   https://puredisgustdc.bandcamp.com/ 

Propagandhi: Lotus Gait   https://propagandhi.bandcamp.com/ 

Longclaw: Best Intentions   https://longclawpdx.bandcamp.com/   

songs used for review purposes under fair use. all copywritten material belongs to the respective artists.     

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