EP#21:Rise of Korea-Glory of Goguryeo

Fellow War Nerd Guest and budding historian Richard Kim guide us thru the glorious rise of the Kingdom of Goguryeo to become the most prominent kingdom in Northeast Asia thru centuries of war

Maps: Korean Peninsula From 108 BC thru 7th century

 Goguryeo  in the 1 CE

The territories of the Gongsun clan, shown in light green, before  Sima Yi's Liaodong campaign   

The Korean peninsula after Gongsun Kang's exploitation of the succession feud, 204. The red star in Goguryeo represents the location of the new capital, Hwando 

Chinese Three Kingdoms and Korean Peninsula 

Fracturing of Chinese Jin Dynasty after brief unification of Three Kingdoms.   Rise of Former Yan (Nomadic Murong Xianbei) in Liaodong (former Gongsun clan territory) ,Just before Goguryeo conquer Lelang Commandery 

Rise of Former Yan (Nomadic Murong Xianbei) in Liaodong (former Gongsun clan territory)

Former Yan's war against  Goguryeo 

 Former Yan(Dark green), Goguryeo(light green),  Baekji(Orange)  Silla (Purple)   and Gaya

Facing extinction,  Goguryeo(light green)  squeezed between  Former Yan(Dark green) and rising  Baekji(Orange) 

Former Qin conquers Former Yan, briefly unify Northern China, before its spectacular fall and fracture before the Battle of Fei River, allows to  Goguryeo recover

China fractures again, just before Goguryeo conquers Liaodong peninsula from Later Yan 

Goguryeo conquers   Liaodong peninsula from Later Yan   , King Gwanggaeto captures Buyeo old capital

Rebirth and Expansion

Goguryeo at its height, 476 CE , the moment of greatest territorial expansion of Goguryeo 


Major cities of  Goguryeo 

Goguryeo Tomb Murals.  5th century A.D.
Ji'an city, Jilin province (Manchuria), China  

A wall-painting depicting a tortoise and snake (symbolising North) from the Great Tomb at Kangso near Pyongyang. Goguryeo kingdom, early 7th century CE

Tomb of King Gwanggaeto,  city of Ji'an along the Yalu River in Jilin Province, Northeast China 


Goguryeo  military procession

 Goguryeo Heavy Cavalryman

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