Ep 25 Early Access for Subscribers: Cyndi Darnell - #MeToo, Aziz Ansari & Sex Ed
This week I'm fly-by-the seat of my pants and way later on this than I intended, please forgive me! This a great episode with an amazing sexologist and sex therapist, Cyndi Darnell.  

From the show notes:

"Sexologist Cyndi Darnell dives in deep discussing #MeToo, the Aziz Ansari story, and how it relates to all of us. We know that #TimesUp and things have to change but how do we go about that? What steps do we take? What’s our personal responsibility? We discuss effective sexual communication, the role sex ed plays in all of this, plus Cyndi gives tips for sex-positive parenting. Before the interview, Sunny & Ken talk about hangovers and drinking Downy, plus Sunny has an embarrassing recording mishap."


Sunny, xo! 

p.s. never drink fabric softener ;)  

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