Ep. 30 - "Support Call ID: 100156-03"
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Intrepid Listener
$1 or more per month 72 patrons
Every dollar counts when it comes to helping us keep our fires hot and our chefs from falling apart (literally). By becoming a patron, you'll gain access to exclusive content - blooper reels from Midnight Marinara, exclusive episodes of Undercooked Analysis, strange odds and ends, etc. In addition, you can be part of the discussion and choose the stories we read on UCA.
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Courageous Soul
$5 or more per month 27 patrons
Leaving us a tip now, are you? How generous! Your name will be added to our Favorite Listeners list, engraved on a mausoleum vault door in our wine cellar. Since you can't see this, however, a personal digital thank-you message from our staff will be sent to your preferred email address, or via the Patreon message system if you prefer to remain anonymous (we know we would). Please be sure to contact the management with your preference.
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Generous Ghost
$10 or more per month 5 patrons
As above, but we read an epitaph of your name at the end of a Midnight Marinara episode or a eulogy (shout-out) during Undercooked Analysis. We'll also tattoo your name onto the forehead of one of our waiters in a strictly secret midnight ritual - again, you won't see it, but you'll have to trust that we put it there. Please be sure to contact us with the specifics of said message.
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Very Important Phantom
$20 or more per month 8 patrons
Those who are willing to donate this generous amount will have earned the right to be called VIP guests at our establishment, and will be treated as such. All of the above rewards, but in addition you will receive a personalized audio message from our mysterious host, the Pasta Shade (or, in his absence, the acting maitre d'), with his most sincere thanks. As before, send us a message about what you would like for these things.
Includes Discord rewards
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