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Access this week's outtakes!
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Access weekly outtakes and get a personal "Thank you" message on the show!
  • We will personally thank and welcome you by name on an upcoming episode!
  • You can now refer to us as your employees!!
  • You get access to the current week's episode outtakes.
Access the Outtakes Archive!!
$5 or more per month 36 patrons
  • Hear the ALL the hilarious segments (the current week's episode and all of the outtakes historical archive) that we had to cut due to time constraints (and sometimes there are a LOT)
  • Hear the full Skype call with our guest for 5 Questions!
  • Plus previous rewards (yet again, you're welcome!)
Google Hangouts with us!
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  • You are invited to a live, monthly Google Hangout where we can all chat. We will selectively do these while recording so you can experience the magic as it happens!!! (Rich never wears pants)
  • Plus all previous rewards (you're STILL welcome!)
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  • Your name will be added to our website as a producer of the show.
  • You will be added to the credits at the end of the podcast at least once per month (usually once a week, though)...We will say your name!!!
  • Plus all previous rewards (The "you're welcomes" are now implied)
Be on the show (5 Questions)!
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  • You'll be on the show!!!  We will Skype with you on a rotation with the other $50 patrons (your schedule permitting) to guest on the show.
  • We'll ask you your thoughts on the movie and get to play 5 Questions with us which will air be included into the episode!
  • Plus all previous rewards
Be an Executive Producer!
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  • At the beginning of each podcast, you will hear something like this: "The following is a Carsick Fat Kid, your name here production"
  • Plus all previous rewards
You are on the JGttM team!
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  • You are now a now a member of the podcast team...Plus, you have a LOT of time on your hands! We can only hope you actually liked movies while studying for the SATs.
  • Plus all previous rewards
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