Ep. 5 & Notes from the Production Studio AKA my laptop
Hello! Episode 5 of A Brief Escape is now available. Here's a summary I wrote on my Facebook that I didn't want to re-write: John Warner has spent the last decade working on games professionally. From Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes, to iPhone development (which he "ran from screaming"), and now he's independently launched his new sci-fi adventure game, The Fall. He joined me to talk about The Fall's development and the problems that come with not properly marketing your game. http://www.bracketpodcast.com/abriefescape Every 15 minutes of A Brief Escape takes me anywhere from 12-16 hours to produce. I wanted to briefly break that down and give you a little insight into how I spend that time: 2 - 3 Hours -- Research (Finding guests, getting familiar with their work, contacting, and drafting questions) 60 - 90 Minutes -- The Interview (The fun part!) 2 Hours -- Listening. I will usually listen to every recording a few times over, marking down timestamps for certain questions and topics discussed. I'm also trying to find the right pieces to build the narrative that best fits the interview. I try to highlight both high points and low points...for example, Jami saying you're never as alone as you may feel after discussing depression and "real life," or the the story of Twilight Symphony from Ep. 2, or the gradual build-up of Iker's passion ending his segment at its strongest while the music swells. 6 - 8 Hours -- Editing & Production. I may do a post about this and detail the work that goes into next episode. 1 Hour -- Preparing the Site/Feed. Getting everything nice and pretty and working properly. I'm making this post public, because I see no reason why it should be private. I will be making a Patron Only post today or tomorrow asking for your topic suggestions for A Brief Rewind, exclusive to Patreon backers. Thanks for your time! Dan