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Ep. 66 – Tom Wheeler might not be a dingo after all…

This week the guys are actually talking a lot of tech.  Listener feedback, listener stories, and more; oh my!

  • Banks Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America are bringing Apple and Android Pay to an ATM near you (hopefully) this year.  All three banks have announced plans to roll out NFC enabled ATMs at some point in 2016 to make getting to your cash even easier.  Just tap and overdraw!
  • Chinese scientists find a way to create monkeys with genes believed to be responsible for autism in humans. Is it ethical? It’s definitely a bit of a hard topic to discuss.  Monkeys have copies of the MECP2 gene which is thought to be linked to autism in humans. By experimenting on primates, scientists hope to be able to find ways to better treat autism disorders in people.  Those poor monkeys…
  • Apple is rumored to be developing a long range, wireless charging system for next, next generation iPhones.  The various tech sites are all in a frenzy over the potential from wireless, across-the-room charging, but it looks like if this tech is really under serious development by Cupertino, it won’t be available for upwards of 18 months.  So maybe don’t hold your breath for it in the upcoming iPhone 7.  In the meantime, can we please have boring old short-range wireless charging, Apple?  Please???
  • Tom Wheeler & the FCC are pushing for an open set top standard to allow customers to bring their own device to receive TV. So you might be able to ditch your cable company provided tuner in favor of a Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or other device. Sure, the FCC has tried things like this before with very limited success (*cough* Cable Card *cough*), but at least this time they’re saying all of the right things.  As Wheeler pointed out, over the years the cost to consumers of set top boxes have risen by hundreds of percent while the price of computers have dropped by over 90% – seems like this time might be the right time for a tuner revolution!
  • Jacob is all excited by science; what else is new? Scientists have managed to capture images of a jet of matter from a blackhole 900 million light years away with the highest angular resolution yet! Sounds boring, right? We’ll it’s the equivalent of looking at a half-dollar on the surface of the moon, from Earth.  Wowza!
  • Jeff is exited by a short video showing a Dutch company that’s training EAGLES to snatch drones out of mid air!  Seriously, it’s really pretty amazing.  Dang, nature. You SCARY!
  • More sciencey stuff! Jeff found a story that the Large Hadron Collider is going to be offline for a few more years because all of the whiz-bang upgrades done have left a whole mess of cables behind, and now there’s no room for new upgrades! Scientists are going to have to spend over 9 months just disconnecting old cables, and upwards of 4 years pulling all of the old cabling out to make room for new, improved cables to power all of their fancy collider tech.
  • Tesla has confirmed that it’s planning to announce two all-electric, “affordable” vehicles this year. The rumored Model 3 and Model Y; which are expected to land in the sub-$30,000 price range could be announced officially as early as this March. Does a sub-$30k electric vehicle entice enough normies to tip over to seriously considering an all electric vehicle?  As Jacob argues, the thought is pretty compelling for him!

What we love

  • Jacob loves his illuminated, magnifying goggles.  Yeah, they look terrible, but they’re cheap and work surprisingly well.  He doesn’t call them his dorculators for nothing, though! http://amzn.to/1SoQrGt
    Just think, for under $10 even you could look this sexy!
  • Jeff loves his hemp-oil moisturizing lotion. Because he loves hemp, and hates dry skin! http://amzn.to/1WXCBeN
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