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Ep. 67 – The Valentinespisode

This week the guys are grooving on the sexiest show of the year.  Awwww, yeah… It’s the second annual Valentinsepisode. They’re bringing sexy back in the only way they know how… The most unsexy way possible!

What’s on deck this week (other than the smooth, suave stylings of the two Js)?

  • Some quick talk about the bowl that’s super, and those commercials that we don’t skip that one time per year (other than that, we hit that skip-30 as hard and as fast as we can!).
  • There’s a new case that promises to not only fill your iPhone or Galaxy battery, but will also boost your phone signal!  The mJoose 3-in-1 case will not make your phone look sexy, but promises to make it act sexy.  And it’s that what you really want?  http://mjoose.com/
  • Accessory maker Griffin has just announced their magnetic, break away USB C cable combo. Now you don’t have to buy an expensive Mac laptop to get a magnetic charging cable!  You just have to buy an expensive laptop that uses USB C to charge… which is pretty much a few high-end PCs or a Mac.  Oh….
  • Google (and some other Internet providers) is working with the White House’s ConnectHome initiative to roll out free gigabit Internet access to low income house holds in Kansas City, with plans to expand into all of their Fiber cities currently in operation (as well as those that may come online at a later date and time).  Of course, Google isn’t the only ISP that’s working to make Internet affordable to low income households with children; Sprint, Comcast, and others are offering free or low cost high speed access to help improve access to kids all across the country. It seems like a fair balance between Jeff’s “let’s have the government run the Internet” idea and a fully capitalist free-market screw-the-poor fest.  Time will tell if this idea pans out, but the guys are optimistic!
  • Jeff talks about 5 future smartphone technologies that are looming on the horizon as well as a roundup of Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors a few weeks ahead of the big announcement!
  • Jeff is also sad that Toyota is killing the brand Scion.  Apparently it wasn’t doing whatever it was Toyota had hoped – which primarily was appealing to younger drivers – and they’ve officially shuttered the brand.
  • The US is not looking so good globally when it comes to LTE speeds.  We rank 55th out of countries with LTE speeds – falling far behind super-stars like Hungary, Singapore, and New Zealand.  Heck, even Russia is beating us!  Russia! You know, the country who’s a$$ we kicked in the cold war with our superior technology and ‘Murican know-how?  Yeah… Sad…
  • GoPro is hanging on for dear life.  After a poor showing at their latest earnings call and a huge cut in expectations for next quarter, the action-camera-market-segment creator is slashing it’s line up in half and hoping that it’s entries into drones and aerial vehicles can help shore up the books and make Wall Street happy.  Hard to imagine GoPro being in this situation considering they basically invented the water proof, shock proof action cam, but they’re being squeezed at the top by companies like BlackMagic and at the bottom by cheap clone cameras out of China (usually at a fraction of the cost). Poor GoPro, we hardly knew ye!

This week the guys pause to love their wives.  And you just know that means they’ll be back with some sweet gadgets next week!

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