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Ep. 68 – #dadjokes

This week the guys talk Deadpool (no spoilers!), personal productivity & organization, and a whole lot more.

Radio, radio

Jacob’s geeking out on some great albums by some great artists.  A few he really recommends check out are:

The guys would love to hear your favorite little-known artists & music you’re generall geeking on right now.  Let ’em know – shoot a tweet or maybe call the call-in line (317-643-1212)

At the movies…

A little movie came out over the Valentine’s weekend that you might have heard of.  A little flick called Deadpool. Well, you know the guys have to talk about it. They promise no spoilers… yet.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, listen safely in the knowledge that nothing will be revealed or spoiled that you probably don’t already know from the trailers.  And get your butt to see Deadpool, STAT!  It’s such a great movie!

How they do the voodoo they do so well?

Jacob is a bit of a productivity wonk – he loves hearing how people get things done. A devotee of David Allen’s GTD, a lover of Moleskine notebooks, fountain pens, and way too many notes, post-its, and reminders.  He thought it might be interesting to share how he stays organize; and more importantlylearn cool new tips and tricks from listeners on how they work and stay organized, too!  So share your best productivity tips, tricks, tools, and more.  And maybe you’ll learn something cool, too!

What we love

Jacob loves his Lamy Safari fountain pen, his Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, and his new Diamine Ancient Copper ink.  If you’ve ever been curious about fountain pens, these are great, inexpensive ways to get started in the hobby!

Jeff loves a daily-deals web site called Brad’s Deals.  What a way to “save” money by spending it! http://www.bradsdeals.com/

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