Ep. 9 The $150 Billion Question: When is video gaming actually gambling?
This week on the Research Guild we address a video from the game reviewer, TotalBiscuit. 

The video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMDGPSWWA18 

The three questions from that video are:

1) When does "pay to win" in a video game go to far?

2) How do the similarities between video gaming and gambling effect the potential for addiction or misuse of video games? 

3) When does video game playing cross the line in to gambling?    

I have no good answer for the first question. The second question we will answer next week.  The third question is the subject of this week's show.

The article that discussed the fine for underage gambling:


The two examples:

1) Buying packs of virtual cards for collectible card games.

2) Playing gambling games (like roulette) for CS:GO skins.

How do state politicians and gaming commissioners decide what activities are legally defined as gambling. The three parts of the Venn Diagram of decision making are:  

1) Politicians

2) Public Opinion

3) Business Community

What happens in a case where the evidence is not clear cut in either direction?

The state gambling commissioners make a decision based on the best of their knowledge and interpretation of the law.

What will this mean for video games?

It remains to be seen.

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