Hey guys, so as you may already know, my 3 new songs for the upcoming EP are recorded, mixed, and mastered! Now I am in music video land.. 1 down already! The next one is shooting in mid March and it's a wild scramble right now to get ready for it. I'm pretty psyched because we're shooting it at the YT space in their biggest room! So that'll be video #2. Video #3 will probably be shot in April. So that being said, the goal is to have all videos finalized by May/June.. and then you know what's next.. release time! I would say the common thread/theme through all of this is fantasy ***. It's been a long process but it's going to be worth it. Already, from your generosity, I am going to be able to put these extra funds into these new videos.. You have no idea how helpful this will be. Each dollar counts for so much! Thank you again for helping me make awesome art/music for you guys. I can't imagine doing anything else... xoxo
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