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EP36: Iranian Protests Kick Off the New Year
"You raised your fists and ruined our lives," said a young Iranian woman to her older countrymen last month. "Now we raise our fists to fix your mistake." She was, of course, referring to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 which ushered in a fundamentalist Shia theocracy led by hardliners who have fast become the oppressors they once fought. As Iranians rise up again in the last few weeks to protest their government, our very own Armin Navabi—an Iranian ex-Muslim—has been at the forefront of the coverage as it unfolds, reporting and translating videos and images coming out of the country. In this inaugural episode of the new, revamped Secular Jihadists podcast, Armin leads us through a riveting account of Iran's history and the new revolution that's bubbling just underneath the surface today. Listen. Share. Reach out.