EP9-07-Aliens, Benson, and Pizza-Proof Fencin'-October 24, 2017 [207]
On this episode, a family takes "a fence" at pizza on the house, our butler DuBois says a sad au revoir, a cranky Canuck complains about bad budget bubbly, a Florida politician goes on an alien expedition, deer new friends help to groom some cats. foxes, and coons, and a driver from UPS posts pictures of pups! Plus we take a licking with music from The Zoo Peculiar, Killmama, Indogen, Cog Nomen, Almost Aimless!
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We're still working on this Rewards part. 
Some things that have been mentioned are bottles of rum, free music downloads, gifts from our future sponsors, and hugs.
...The hugs idea didn't go over at the meeting so well.
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