Ep90 Pursuing a Passion From the Mountains of Costa Rica to Vineyards in Oregon - Ryan Huett
Ryan Huett is all about pursuing his passion and owning his own time.  His story takes us from a small town in Texas to the mountains of Costa Rica, to him going back to school in his 40s and him taking an unpaid internship in his 40s and him founding and running his own winery, Huett Cellars. 

Ryan is also a husband of 23 years and a Dad to 2 boys. I’m always amazed at the guests that I have on the show that are parents and the reason they pulled the ripcord for a different life was because of their kids.

They weren’t held back from making a massive life change for fear of messing up the kids lives. They pulled the ripcord to show their kids a bigger, better and bolder life and Ryan’s story is just that.

Their decisions never revolved around money but around pursuing a passion and owning their time.

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