EPIC Ethel | Desire
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I decided to open up this new season/reboot  of EPIC Ethel with vulnerability. Here, Ethel is not depicted in a fight  or doing something extraordinary. Here, she's running, running away;  attempting to escape a never-ending cycle of cultural appropriation and  the obsession of Black Beauty.

Why did I choose this? EPIC Ethel  isn't just a pretty smile and dope hair. Starting off the series with  this powerful depiction of her in a vulnerable state enables us to see a  different side to her, away from the more dominant depictions we have  seen thus far (and will see going forward). Black Women are consistently  being sought after for all the wrong reasons, especially in this day  and age where our culture is slipping right from under us at every turn  (more now so than it has in past generations).

The Desire series, in and of itself, will be a constant exploration of the "other's" obsession with my people and culture.

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