The Epic Workshop 2020 // my entire new workshop is going online.

Workshop Signup is here if you don't want to read this.

I've been brainstorming ideas all weekend to figure out what I could do to help our industry throughout these very uncertain circumstances. I fear for the survival of many photographers, but what can I do? Should I just give way patreon supported money to the next #3stepclick winner? Doesn't feel right. Honestly, it doesn't feel like it would be enough. 

Then it hit me. 

All my workshops and conferences for the next two months have been postponed or cancelled. There have been rumblings of those conferences doing virtual streaming etc, but I'm not sure if or when they will get up and running.


I have everything I need to live stream my 2020 workshop right here on patreon. 

So, I have created a new tier for access to my entire full day 2020 workshop. Every video is  repayable w/ access to translated subtitles.

The Epic Workshop Livestream will be exclusive to a new $49 tier. The content in the stream would typically cost $600/seat at the in person workshop. 

Here's where I'm giving back... All revenue for signups in this tier this month will be donated 50/50 to Doctors Without Borers, and to a photographer in need during the month of April 2020. I will run an open call for personal essays and personally announce the recipient.:

The Epic Workshop 2020 Online

You can signup for the new tier here: 

or here:

If you're currently a patron in a $10/$15 tier I will open up all tiers through the end of April so you can dial back to your current tier no questions asked!

Since a lot of us are at home working for a while, I'm hoping this will give us a sense of camaraderie and brings us together instead of feeling isolated and stuck.  Livestream attendees will have open q&a during each presentation.  

If you've previously attended my full day workshop there will be LOTS of new ideas.

The full collection of videos are available using these links:

Session 1 - All Things Business & Client Experience
Session 2 - All Things Technical
Session 3 - Live Shoot Prep // Posing // 5 L's
Session 4 - All Things Branding
Session 5 - The Full Client Session BTS
Session 6 - All Things Workflow & Editing

If you care to read reviews from previous workshop attendees, please do so here:

Ask any questions in the comments!

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