Thank you so much for helping me get here. I delivered 25 fresh new paintings to the Phinney Center Gallery and I couldn't have done it without support from my patrons. Most of my new paintings have been poetic studies of soft places- estuaries, and riparian sanctuaries. There has been some metaphorical stirring in me toward the Nisqually Delta again. I went there with my naturalist husband a few times in the past couple months to observe the gifts of the mouth to the sea. I have discovered that I care about the estuaries because of the young creatures who need the soft transition because of the blending of fresh and salt water. I have learned through my grief work with children that harsh transitions harm the child's imagination and cause cynicism. But where young imaginations are allowed the soft processing that art, music and nature, provide, then the unspeakable sadnesses and losses have a channel- a manifestation if you will. I care so much about this that I have decided to use my passion for the integrated arts to play a bigger part in my Seattle community... I will be leading a small arts campaign to bring supplies, performances, skillbuilding sessions and artistic care to homeless children of Mary's Place as well as children of our downtown in the Plymouth Congregational Church Community. I would eventually like to branch out the the Aurora Commons to help with their needs. The kickoff of my project will be a summer arts camp happening in mid June. Some of you know my history with the arts and my fierceness to level out the playing field so that all have the benefits of self care through the arts. My entire life has been spent caring about this issue as well as continuing to care for my own personal emotional health as an artist. I hope to keep you informed. I am very excited about the things to come this year. I will be asking for more help to establish a library of supplies for the children who live at a financial disadvantage. I will keep these supplies in my personal care and bring them out as I go out and bring a higher level of artistic teaching to gifted children without other options. Eventually I'd like to bring quality art supplies for these satellite care places to keep and rebuild. In the mean time, the opening for my show, Epiphany Balm, takes place this coming Friday will be from 7 - 9 at the Phinney Center Gallery in Seattle and it will be featuring paintings that have come out as I have been striving to do a little of my own self care... Again, thank you.
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