Episode 002 - Game of Thrones

Dave Brasgalla joins host Ged Maheux to discuss the upcoming final season of HBO's Game of Thrones. We talk about sigils (emblems), historical context and wallpapers. Finally, a spoiler warning before chatting up some of our predictions for the finale.


Detailed show notes for Episode 002:

• Introductions

• What is a sigil?

• The history of Scottish tartans

• The Lannisters, Grayjoys & Targaryen sigils

• Illustrated Fire & Ice by artist Jeffrey Jones

• Dave's participation in medieval historical re-enactments 

• The Middle Ages & how it relates to Game of Thrones

• Coat of Arms (colors, symbolism & more)

• Creation of the Game of Thrones wallpapers


• Cersei's not pleased

• Jamie's character arc

• Of dragons

• Hard Home

• The Great Hook Up

• The Nine Lives of Littlefinger 

• Our favorite characters & their fates

• The collective GoT experience

• Buffy's 'Once More with Feeling'

• Wrap ups & shout outs

Resources from Ep 002:

Official HBO Game of Thrones Website 

The art of illustrator Jeffrey Cathrine Jones 

Game of Thrones Opening Credits in 360º on YouTube 

Musician and composer Mike Weiser 

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