Episode 1.02 Between Planes
Episode 2, "Between Planes," is now up on the website! In this episode, Supreme Justice Nalani Lotuma makes a new friend, and a colony world faces disaster.

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Some housekeeping notes. Episode 1 has moved into the "last month's episode" slot, where it's free for all site visitors to read. Next month' (December 1), Episode 1 will cease to be available for visitors and our Supporter and Subscriber patrons. (As always, Patrons and Benefactors will continue to have access to ALL past episodes.) If you want to show friends how good The Rule of Five is, this is a great month to do so -- visitors can read the prelude and episode 1 for free.

We anticipate having the first Quarterly ebook -- collecting the prelude and episodes 1-3 -- to you mid-December, and it should be on sale on Amazon around the first of the year.

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