Episode 1 • Creative Mentorship Highlights

I started doing something fun with patrons in the Creative Mentorship program. They post questions and topics throughout the month and then I make a long-form screencast video lesson. I also make some music and demonstrate what I'm currently working on. The video is then archived for all Creative Mentorship members to access. This month, the full-length video ended up being two hours long 😮

The Q+A session happens each month and it’s pretty freaking great. It’s basically a group lesson in a classroom sort of environment that ends up being a fraction of the cost of one-on-one time with me.  

If this interests you, come join the party as a Dodecahedron on Discord. The deadline for May questions is this upcoming Wednesday, May 15th.


00:00 - Intro
00:21 - Music Theory + Ear Training
01:07 - The Learning Process
01:22 - How to Practice
01:50 - Finding Your Voice
02:32 - Building a System + Where to Start
04:39 - Outro (performed live on my new system ft. Qu-Bit Chord v2)

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