Episode 1 - For the Love of Ninjas
Episode number 1 is about to drop, y'all! I am so excited to be bringing this podcast to you. I hope that it puts a smile on your face and inspires you to step up and be creative in your life. Put yourself out there and add to the love in the world. Be vulnerable with your emotions. Trust, forgive, and volunteer.

"Ninja Song" is one of my favorites. It was a blast to write, and it's always fun to perform. Why not give it a shot yourself? I've included the chart below. I'd love to see your performances of the tune. Feel free to post them in the "Community" section of the site. 

Have a great week, everybody, and I'll chat soon!


Ninja Song

Cm Cm/Bb Cm/Ab Gsus G     :||
A shroud of darkness fills the empty street
As a single shriek cuts through the night
But the days of crime in this fair city are fleeting
Alone he carries the burden of the fight

Ab Eb Bb
A lone wolf--a warrior in the night
Ab Eb Bb
A sole survivor of three thousand years of fighting
Bb G/B Cm Bb/D Eb
He shall never die, lest he be bested and beset
C/E F Bb Cm
But the battle rages on and that has never happened yet

Cm Cm/Bb Cm/Ab Gsus G     :||
Who is this man who through the shadows creeps
Whom evildoers loathe and fear
He is the ninja and from his body seeps
Pure vengeance and for the victimized he perseveres


Am    G F E
Am G F E
Am G/B C D A/E E Bb/F F C/G  G


Cm Cm/Bb Cm/Ab Gsus G     :||
It's never happened yet.
It's never happened yet.
It's never happened yet.
It's never happened yet.

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