Episode 1: Guardians of the Galaxy
NERDS AND GEEKS, UNITE! You're now listening to the podcast for trekkies and tekkies alike! The Rings of Saturn podcast! We cover all ages, so we know this podcast will be something to enjoy! Topics include movie reviews, video games, computing software (or hardware), comic books and cell phones! Basically there's something here for everyone! radiooceania.com/the-rings-of-saturn.html This week we review the new Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy as well as some other interesting topics! - Opening Segment (1:30) Last Week (1:43) - The show could have been better, not a lot of time for show prep - Was busy setting up the A Kind of Media websites and creating content - Was waiting on iTunes and Stitcher to approve the RSS feed from Libsyn This Week (3:36) - Working on new content this week. Patreon (3:58) - We love doing this podcast. If you love listening to it, please show your support. - We've set up a page for The Rings of Saturn podcast on Patreon, a website created for the purpose of supporting content created by people just like you. - Depending on the amount of support you give The Rings of Saturn, we'll return the favor by giving back to you in form of mentions on our shows to free T-Shirts and Cell Phone Covers. - The Rings of Saturn isn't the only content being produced by us. As you may now know, The Rings of Saturn is a show on the Radio Oceania Podcast Network, one of the divisions of A Kind of Media. - A Kind of Media is like Lucasfilm except we've way less known and make way less money. But we work the same. We have three divisions, Radio Oceania, Arcvex, our computer graphics division and "think tank" from where our creative ideas originate and inCaptur, where we produce short movies and animation, as well as documentaries and news. - Starting soon, we'll start inCapturTV, which will be my foray into broadcasting, as well as doing live podcasts, video blogs, animation, digital shorts and more! - To learn more on how you can support The Rings of Saturn, as well as everything else we do at A Kind of Media, go to Patreon.com/akindofmedia. Thank You! For the Listeners (6:22) - The Rings of Saturn is on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, coming very soon to Soundcloud! - email us at [email protected] - We are on Facebook; just search for Radio Oceania - Twitter is @accellme - We have email and Speakpipe on our homepage too, people! - Speakpipe works as a voicemail system. You don't even need to call me, just go to the contact page at The Rings of Saturn and leave your message there! - We also have a contact us page at The Rings of Saturn website. Just click "contact us" on the menu at The Rings of Saturn site. We want to put you IN THE SHOW, so please, any feedback is appreciated. - Coming up on the Show (8:01) Mach 5 - Cell Phones: Deals for Back to School - Comics: The Trans-Gender Wonder Woman - Video Games: Star Citizen Gains & World of Warcraft Losses - Computers: Russian email theft - Movies: Quick on The Purge Anarchy and TMNT The Feature - "Guardians" Review Mach 5 (9:58) - Cell Phones (9:59) Best Buy is offering 3 phones through 3 major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) for $99 w/ 2yr contract LG G3 Nexus 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 (August 17-23 Purchase Electric Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 for $100 shaves half off regular 2yr contract price.) bestbuy.com/site/promo/top-deals-for-cell-phones-v2-106920 - Comics (11:37) Laverne Cox from Orange is the new Black appears in an awesome photo of her in a Cotton Candy-colored Wonder Woman outfit. She's Black, and she's transgender! Look out Gal Gadot, you have competition! To check it out, go to: seraphatonin.tumblr.com (photo) comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=54596 (to read more) - Video Games(15:22) Star Citizen (15:23) Talking about the amazing amount of support received by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation through an initial Kickstarter project ($2,134,374) in 2012 and $49 m in subsequent funds since. robertsspaceindustries.com World of Warcraft (21:15) Lost 800,00 subs in 3mths. Activision points the downturn to "The East" due to a "seasonal" decline. The Next Expansion is named Warlords of Draenor to be released in the fall; it already sold 1.5m units. gamespot.com/articles/world-of-warcraft-loses-800-000-subscribers-in-thr/1100-6421529 - Computers (22:55) Russian email theft (22:56) 1.2 billion internet user names and passwords were stolen from 420,000 known and unknown websites. Hold Security founder Alex Holden told CNNMoney the gang makes its money sending out spam for bogus products like weight loss pills. if you're getting strange emails, you may be affected, but the gang has ignored financial information so that's why they've been under the radar. Google plans a 2 tier security approach along with password also receive code on smartphone. - Movies (27:07) The Purge Anarchy (27:09) Why I think I Should go watch this movie They say its better than the original kdramastars.com/articles/31794/20140804 TMNT (27:57) Michael Bay ruins more childhoods in new turtles flick - Patreon Promo (30:13) Kimberly Michelle explains how A Kind of Media's Patreon system works for us both. - The Feature (31:01) Guardians of the Galaxy Review The Feature Rating System (32:08) Explanation of The Feature's movie review system. SPOILER ALERT (32:21) If you haven't watched the movie, you might wanna turn back now. Review Open Notes (32:52) Cast and Crew (34:01) Story (35:05) Actors (40:40) SFX (42:58) Music (44:45) Fun Factor (45:51) Overall (46:54) - Show Close (47:36)
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