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Episode 10 : Summer Special
   Hi Patrons ! The new episode , the 10th, is now online. I wanted to draw and paint a story at the sea-side for summer, with sun light, vibrant colors, happy little clouds, and scenes underwater or at the limit of the surface of the sea and play with the "inside" and the "outside" a lot. The episode ending is a reference to the french proverbial sentence " L'union fait la force" ( probably the similar one in English can be : 'United we stand, divided we fall' ) and reflect a feeling I have thank to all your support, episode after episode. Thank you !

   A note about the translations ; because it's an episode without speech-bubbles, already international, I thought the translation effort to insert more languages before the release wasn't necessary this time. Thanks to this extra-time, I could polish the graphics a bit more. The sources, translations pack and Git repository should be now or soon online. All translations pack are welcome ! 

✶ LINK to the official website for better resolution :

✶ Sources files : Episode 10 : Summer Special

( Note: 260MB of Krita sources files are still uploading while I'm writing this, it will be full online a bit later today ) 

Thanks everyone again for your support, I hope you'll enjoy this new episode.