Episode 10 - Model 3 Autonomy?
We've got lots of news today coming out of the weekend. We may have some evidence for the autonomous Model 3 theory, we glimpse Tesla's actual Model 3 reservation expectations before the reveal, Texas Tesla fans receive some encouraging news, BMW may be inadvertently helping Tesla, and we round out with the Radio Flyer Model S unboxing and a look at Model3tracker.info again.

Evidence for Model 3 autonomy? - http://bit.ly/TT-E10-1

Tesla Model 3 reservation expectations - http://bit.ly/TT-E10-2

Texas GOP supports Tesla - http://bit.ly/TT-E10-3

BMW lawsuit may aid Tesla - http://bit.ly/TT-E10-4

Radio Flyer Model S unboxing - http://bit.ly/TT-E10-5

Model3tracker update - https://model3tracker.info

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