Episode 12: Sinister Pukwudgies
This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ Eleanor & Lizzie are back, and Steph guest hosts!
→ The Phoenix Register: Will Graves be a one off? 
→ Do David Yates & J.K. Rowling send each other snap chats? 
→ MinaLima's 20's designs are EVERYTHING. 
→ Similarities between Harry's trio & Newt's quartet. 
→ Official word from Pottermore on Ilvermony! 
→ Are they house names or mascots? 
→ Is Ilvermorny more like Hogwarts or Greek Life? 
→ Are you a Gryffinbirdclaw or a Wampwudgie? 
→ The Time-Turner: Hogwarts in the 1920's! 
→ The Newt Case: Sinister Pukwudgies! 
→ Sonic the hedgehog, bitten by a zombie. 
→ Send us your theories about Ilvermorny's possible houses!

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