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Episode #123: Draft Review with Jim Callis of MLB.com
Jim Callis of MLB.com joined us for our annual draft review to talk about how the Red Sox 2017 draft class looks coming out of last week’s 40 rounds! Chris and Jim talked about the club’s picks from the first five rounds and some later round sleepers. Also on the agenda were some general draft questions from our listeners: What qualifies as a successful draft? Why did were more first basemen drafted in the first 50 picks this year? And finally, Jim chimed in on a topic that’s been hot on the SoxProspects Forums: Would an MLB team ever blow past the draft bonus cap, and why or why not? And how did that lead to Jim telling a great story on the Red Sox 2005 draft and how that affected the organization for years afterward? Don’t miss this episode!!

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Draftees discussed:
- Tanner Houck
- Jake Thompson
- Alex Scherff
- Cole Brannen
- Brett Netzer
- Garrett Benge
- Aaron Perry
- Donny Diaz
- Charlie Madden