Episode 12d Released!
So I mentioned last week about how big an undertaking projects can be when I record them for TTGS. I also mentioned that the piranha planter is going to be a big project. With that in mind I may release more than one episode in a week to keep it from dragging on. 

I'm sure you are as anxious as I am to see how this thing is going to look when its totally done. Giving it to you 15-ish minutes at a time works well for me because it helps me pace everything out so i can make sure it is edited and whatnot each week. The down side is that you all, only get little bits at a time.

Please trust that I am doing the best I can. Even though im starting to get pretty fast, (particularly with the editing) it is a tremendous amount of work to do solo.

So from here on, until things are different, I will announce with the usual Sunday episode release, if there will be a second release that week. If so the idea will be for the additional episodes to release on Thursday.

Enjoy! :)

P.S. no second episode this week, sorry.