Episode 12o Released!
Here is part 15 of the Piranha Planter project and it is a bit of a doozy. almost 4 hours of painting condensed into 12 minutes. So I apologize if parts are a bit hard on the eyes. Unless some major wierdness happens next weeks episode will be the conclusion of this project and we will finally get to see how it looks!

I am still waiting on input from the Mega Patrons to help me determine where TTGS is going from here, so, when I get enough input to have a good idea of what they think I will post it. (That's a "wink wink nudge" Mega patrons.) 

I am planning another Game With Me session and I will be asking specific patrons that have not participated yet to join me. With luck that will be in the next week or 2. The trick is they will not know what game it is and will not get their copy of the game until a day before we are going to play :)

The Miscon Project is still moving along and I will have a good sneak peek posted sometime this week.