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Episode 131: D&C 32 - Sections 47-48
Episode 131: D&C 32 – Sections 47-48

Local (to me) listener Jim Van Heel joins me in Studio MK (Marie’s Kitchen) to read two administrative chapters. Woo hoo! But first, Jim tells us about leaving the church, the difficulties of bringing up the hard topics, and beer.

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Intro music by Maps & Transit, Our Happy Life. It was shortened by six seconds to fit the introduction.

Joseph’s Smith’s Biography

The definitive biography was written by Fawn Brodie in 1945. If you want to understand Mormon history, you must read this. She was a pioneer of early church history and was smeared and excommunicated for her research. Her book is ‘No Man Knows My History’ was originally labeled ‘anti-Mormon’ lies, the book is now available through the BYU bookstore online:

Early Church History

Grant Palmer was a teacher in the Church Educational System (CES) for 30 years. His book, ‘An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins’ is a great summary of the skimmed over issues most members in the pews are unaware of. His quote, ” Mormon doctrine is 2 miles wide and an inch Early Church deep,” is one of my favorites. His Mormon Stories interview is also highly recommended.

Edited Conference Talks

These are unbelievable really. My favorite go-to examples of outright deceit. First, Elder Poelman’s 1984 (1985 anyone?) conference rewritten and recorded in full and rereleased: Second: the 2010 talk by Boyd K Packer edited to match current views on the nature of homosexuality, Third: questions regarding wether the Relief Society meeting is officially part of conference lead to an edited prayer –

Mormonism & Masonry

This is a hot topic in ex Mormonism. In fact, I believe this is the most misunderstood aspect of Mormon history by both Mormons and ex Mormons. While 7 hours in total, I’ve never been more drawn in by any series of podcast than that of John Larsen with guest ‘George Miller’ who is a historian of both Mormon Temple worship and the Masonic Lodge. He is a TBM and I find his reasoning and conclusions extremely compelling. In iTunes under ‘Mormon Expression’ find episodes 19ax-19fx

Mormon Expression

There are 35 free episodes on iTunes every one of which has great value – my #1 recommendation is ‘How To Build A Transoceanic Vessel’ episode 2x, throroughly debunking the possibility of Nephi building a boat. However, there are hundreds of great episodes behind a paywall of $9.95 for life, which is incredibly worth it.

Signature Books

Publisher of all things Utah, Mormonism, and Americana Signature Books has a great wealth of books on Mormonism like the Parallel Doctrine and Covenants: There is also a parallel Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, both are out of print, but awesome display pieces. Follow them on Facebook for up-to-date Mormon news and limited release books.

Translated John

It was John the beloved who was translated. Leave it to to dance around an answer, but that is what the membership believes:

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