EPISODE 131: Is It Okay To Give Non-Vegan Ice Cream

What's up, beardos?! This week we bring you a discussion that may seem absurd on the surface but gets at a lot of pressure many vegans may feel to purchase non-vegan products for friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. Sparked by an incident in which a vegan purchased non-vegan ice cream for a crying child and was then harassed by another vegan, there are a lot of ins and outs to this one, so strap in! We also revisit the ethics of the Impossible Burger, now that it's addition to White Castle's menu has sparked debate far and wide.

Find a transcript of the this episode HERE. 

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Episodes referenced:

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The Food:

Like No Udder (Providence, RI)

The Articles:

TripAdvisor extends animal welfare policy, critics say "falls short" (Phocus Wire)

Is The Impossible Burger Legal? (Modern Farmer)

The Agonizing Dilemma Of Animal Testing (Impossible Foods)

Animal Testing & New Proteins: Time For FDA To Move Into The 21st Century (Good Food Institute) 

Clean Meat Startup Makes Breakthrough With New '3D Technology' (Plant Based News)

JUST CEO Says 2018's Clean Meat Launch Will 'Probably' Be Sold In Restaurants First (Plant Based News)

France Bans Meat And Dairy Related Words From Vegetarian And Vegan Food Packets (MSN)

Vegan Man Doxxes Vegan Woman for Giving Dairy Ice Cream to Crying Child (Vice)

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