Episode 140 of Speculate! — Paths to Publication with Speculate hosts Bradley P. Beaulieu and Gregor
Welcome to Episode 140 of Speculate! the Podcast for Writers, Readers and Fans. In this episode, we once again turn the mic on Brad and Greg. Michael Underwood, friend of the show and another guest who talked in Episode 138 about his own path to publication, now interviews the Speculate hosts to talk about theirs. Brad gives a somewhat traditional, sometimes bumpy path, from writing short stories to landing a deal with Night Shade Books to his eventual sale of Twelve Kings in Sharakhai to DAW Book and Gollancz. Greg talks about his path from academic to published novelist and how his experiences in obtaining his doctorate now helps him in his writing pursuits and beyond. He also talks about how his Twitch TV channel helps him to reach a wider, if slightly different, audience, and how games helps him to scratch the itch of community and storytelling.

Keep an eye out for Mike Underwood’s upcoming Genrenauts: The Shootout Solution, Part 1 of a new novella series. And be sure to check out Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, available now anywhere fine books are sold.

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