Episode 146: The Count of Saint Germain

Grab your bedazzlers and elixirs of life, David and Dave are taking a good long look at the Count of Saint Germain! Largely unknown in modern times, the Count of Saint Germain was a mysterious Renaissance man, alchemist, and possible immortal who ran amok in 18th century Europe. Those who met him were charmed and interested in his mannerisms and various skills, and while he traveled Europe extensively and for many years, he never seemed to age. He was also said to have immeasurable wealth and a love of gems. Did someone discover the secret to eternal life? Was he really as masterful at so many of the arts as is told? Could he be running around the globe currently? Blurry Photos look at his life and claims and see what shakes out in this dazzling episode of the podcast! (A SummaryMicah Hanks ArticleIt gets weirder…)

“Suonatore di Liuto” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0