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Episode 147 – Microsoft, Audio Monopolies, and Indie Print
Jim and Bryan are back with news about 2016 author data, audiobook  monopolies, Microsoft’s new ebook store, and more! After thanking their  patrons Pirates vs. Dragons, A Curse Upon the Saints, and Peaks of  Passion, the talented twosome took on tips related to LinkedIn, the pulp  mindset, and using Vellum on a PC. News stories included Kobo’s  progress with Overdrive, Macmillan’s play with Pronoun, the new  Microsoft ebook store, a big potential change in audiobooks going  forward, and Data Guy’s 2017 Digital Book World presentation. This  week’s Question of the Week: If you were publishing an audiobook on  Audible today, given the potential of change in the next 7 years, would  you go exclusive for higher royalties, or non-exclusive to take  advantage of the potential new channels?