Episode 15: Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria, Feat. Brad Hoff
In Episode 15, Dan and Joanne talk with Brad Hoff, an educator, investigative journalist, and Marine veteran who has traveled and lived in the Middle East, including Syria. 

We discuss the recent chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun and the 2013 attack in Ghouta, and the parallels between the two. We also examine the White House assessment and counterarguments from experts about the evidence, the parties involved, and the potential for military intervention by the United States. 

"Brad Hoff is an educator, a Marine veteran and an investigative journalist who writes for Canary Media, SOFREP, the Levant Report, and the Libertarian Institute. He is a native Texan who has lived and traveled in the Middle East, including Syria."

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Recorded on 4/14/17. Music by Fluorescent Grey.