Episode 1524: Right Livelihood with Ben Weiss, Dave Jacke, and Charles Eisenstein
This episode is a Susquehanna Permaculture round-table discussion recorded at my friend Seppi Garrett’s on June 3, 2015 in front of a live audience.

The panel for the conversation were Ben Weiss, Dave Jacke, and Charles Eisenstein. Ostensibly the conversation was framed around the idea of how to achieve a right livelihood, but as you might imagine with these three voices in a room together the bounds of the conversation pushed in every direction and touched on much much more. For regular listeners who have heard Ben and Dave in the past, the conversation was also candid in ways that you won’t hear elsewhere.

This piece is part one of two recorded that day, as Charles was with us for only a short time. The second half, with Ben, Dave, and various audience members, will be released on June 24, with more round tables like this in the works.

You can find out more about Ben at susquehannapc.com. Dave’s website is edibleforestgardens.com and Charles’ is at charleseisenstein.net.

I'd also like to thank Shauna Yorty for the picture you see here and others she took at the event. You can find her work at Slyorty.

I’m going to hold my commentary on this until the release of part two on June 24.

In the meantime, I want to let you know that I will be a guest instructor at Jude Hobbs’ upcoming Teacher Training, in cooperation with Beyond Organic Design, on June 28 at The Commons in Brooklyn, New York. You can find out more at beyondorganicdesign.com. After that I’ll be a keynote speaker on Friday, August 21, 2015, talking about building resilient communities at the Radicle Gathering in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That is a four-day event of music and workshops that runs from August 20-23, 2015. The website for that festival is radiclegathering.com.I’m also recording another round table discussion on September 12, 2015 at The Riverside Project in West Virginia.

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I’ll join you next week with an interview from Penny Livingston-Stark. Until then, take care of Earth, your self, and each other.