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Episode 154: D&C 54 - Section 75
Episode 154: D&C 54 - Section 75 


Have fun in sales! Everyone is a vineyard. It's a throwback to last June when everyone was being sent out to be like a trump unto the wilderness. Bryce almost has an aneursym because he wants to tell me all about these dudes who are about to do stuff in the church, but NO, NO SPOILERS. After you die you
get to judge the people who treated you poorly!!!

Drink count - 11 (a little over a beer)

Check out this fine list of Wikipedia page links:

William E McLellan - He wrote lots of journals 
Luke Johnson - Brother of Lyman Johnson
Orson Hyde - Used to be anti-Mormon, then converted when his pastor, Sidney Rigdon joined up with Joseph Smith 
Samuel Smith - Joseph Smith's younger brother
Lyman Johnson - Brother of Luke Johnson
Orson Pratt - Joined the same time as his brother, Parley Pratt 
Asa Dodds - Just a dude. 
Calves Wilson - "Little else is known about him" 
Major Ashley - From Massachusetts!
Burr Riggs - Known for frothing at the mouth and getting revelations by hitting his head against the wall.
Simeon Carter - Farmer! 
Emer Harris - Just a dude
Ezra Thayer - Built bridges, dams, and mills, from Palmyra
Thomas B Marsh - An original member from way back in the way back
Hiram Smith - Joseph Smith's brother 
Reynolds Cahoon - Just a dude (for now)
Daniel Stanton - Just a dude.
Seymore Brudson - Junest a dude (for now)
Sylvester Smith - Bryce really likes him in 1834. In 1832, not really of note. 
Gideon Carter - Just a dude.
Ruggles Eames - Just a dude. Not a teddy bear.
Steven Burnett - Just a dude.
Micah B Welton - Just a dude.
Eden Smith - Just dude.

Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travellers.

Read all about the discovery of caffeine here: Coffee!!!! 

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