Episode 16: Phoenix Clap, P.I.E.
In a world know for famous private investigators the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk, or Remington Steele, Phoenix Clap is trying to make a name for himself. After a tragic smoothie accident that claimed his hands, Phoenix Clap was forced to give up his life of slinging delicious frozen drinks for the more modest work of a private investigator. (His words, not our's.) Ever determined not to lose the fame and spotlight that was so tragically taken from him on that faithful day, he sets out to be the world’s first P.I.E. (Private Investigator Extraordinaire). When he is approached by a young woman to help find her missing sister, Phoenix takes on his greatest case yet. Armed with his quick wit and series of inappropriate one-lines, Phoenix is ready to face any challenge. Well, at least in his mind he is.
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