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Episode 16 : The Sage of the Mountain
Hi patrons! After a very intensive production time, I'm happy to release the episode 16 "The Sage of the Mountain". In this new episode, I tried to produce a visual direction more looking like an animation ; with painted landscape and almost thin line cell-shaded characters. A challenge! The episode features Saffron, Thyme, Cayenne and of course Pepper and Carrot. Also, 16 translations are available at release, thanks to the very active and lovely translation-team <3

★To  read it on website :

 ( Note: Krita/hi-res sources files/3D blender files , a zip of 250MB, will be uploaded in the next hours to the website. The 'HD button' will work in a little hour because hi-res files are still transferring as I type this. )

I hope you liked this episode, feel free to let me know or leave a comment; I'll be around. A big big thank you for supporting the creation of new Pepper&Carrot episode!