Episode 169 - Competitive Gaming

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So Alex and I have been getting a bunch of emails and voicemails from people who are new to AoS and they want to know what the power lists are. Since I couldn't tell you a power list to save my life and I forgot to call Rhellion, Alex comes to the rescue with way more than just power lists. Alex breaks down the essentials of AoS lists and what you need to consider when building your OWN list. This one is a must for anyone who has ever thought they need some help/insight into how to build a powerful list.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:14:00 – Show intro and welcome and voicemail

0:14:00-0:15:05 – Commercial Break One

0:15:05-0:27:45 – Garagehammer News

0:27:45-0:53:00 – The Toolbox

0:53:00-0:54:15 – Commercial Break Two

0:54:15-1:36:00 – Building a competitive list – reach, force multiplication, and spam

1:36:00-1:37:10 – Commercial Break Three

1:37:10-2:01:15 – Building a competitive list – target priority and denial

2:01:15-2:02:20 – Commercial Break Four

2:02:20-2:25:30 – Meta, final thoughts, and end of show announcement

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