Episode 170 Geedis (music from the Podcast)


A mysterious land of sound awaits.
Beware those who blindly run into harms way.
Nothing is what it used to be.
Here everything is unreal.
Sometimes real-er.
Some may go and never come back home.
Enjoy your stay.

00:00 The Land of TA
04:41 Astrid
09:10 Tokar
11:16 Zoltan
14:41 Uno
17:05 Ursula
22:55 Shimra
25:12 Amneris
27:03 Rimdelda
30:30 Hex
35:15 Geedis
39:30 Radon
46:26 Azriel
51:01 Smokeface
57:02 Oceane
60:00 -end

Music by Trav Nash between May and June 2019

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