Episode 19 - Acorns and Swords
In which we continue our delve into the eldritch end of the X-Universe, Illyana Rasputin has a rough childhood even by X-Men standards, Kitty Pryde is a Niven fan, Limbo is way metal, Vincent Price is our Belasco, and Rachel and Miles have feelings about female friendships in Claremont’s X-Men. X-Plained: Mikhail Rasputin Hell dimensions, including but not limited to The Void The Dark Zone The Hill Limbo The other Limbo Yet a third Limbo Reincarnation Illyana Rasputin Magic vs. Magik Uncanny X-Men #160 Octopusheim Stepping Disks Otherplace Belasco Emergo S’ym Storm and Illyana: Magik #1-4 Bloodstones Yet another set of alternate X-Men Friendship The Soulsword Podcasting