Episode # 19 Michael Laird
This is the first post on Patreon (duh) it includes a download of episode # 19 of The Title Block Podcast, an interview with sound designer Michael Laird. Episode #20 and up will be for pledging patrons.

I had the pleasure of interviewing our first sound designer. Michael Laird is a sound systems designer rather than a composition designer and we discuss the difference between these two disciplines in the context of live theatre. Michael is an established designer and operator but he is early in his career so we focus less on his resume and more on developing a base for future discussions with senior designers about sound. Michael also focuses on live musical theatre reinforcement rather than scoring behind acoustic voices in small theatre so there is still a large world of sound design to explore: this episode has really given me a vocabulary to speak to other sound designers and I am sure you will feel the same. We also have a discussion about sound designers as collaborators and the removal of the sound design award from the 2014-15 Tony Awards.

Show notes can be found thetitleblock.com

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