Episode 2.5: The Round-up
We finish up this the episode with some jumping around. We cover Jason Bruce's Hobby, some war reports, Jasons opinions on the Emergency News from last week, and a wacky rules question that I get overruled on. . . Pesky Democracies :P

Hobby Time with Jason Bruce: 0:25

War Reports: 2:43

     D-Day over New Eden

     Levi vs LT Jason

     George's League

Q&A Hot Topics: 27:43

Upcoming Events: 42:16

     George's League continued

Emergency News with Bruce: 43:08 

Back to upcoming events: 45:27

     Demo with Jason and Levi on December 3rd and 10th

     Thunderdome in SPACE! December 17

     December 29th Demo Day with Peter

     Brisbane Con 

Outro: 49:15