Episode 2 - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: Demon in My View

Welcome back, listeners! In this second episode of Season 2, B+C is talking DEMON IN MY VIEW. This is the second novel by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, published in spring 2000. Like the first book, this one is about vampires but now with added witches!

Have a listen, as we continue to explore our shared history and friendship via the books that brought us together. What aged well? What needed some help? And do we recommend you read this too? Find out!

Featuring Cyna drinking the mixed drink "Green Demon" and Ollie with "Dirty Little Freak" by Duclaw Brewing. Intro theme - "Let It In" by Josh Woodward.

Bonus content! Have a gander at Cyna and Ollie's drank set ups via our Twitter thread.

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(1h 50m. Content Warning: Vulgar language, drinking alcohol, and timeline obsessing from hosts; discussions of bad mother-daughter relationships with an adopted child, shallow bad attitude protagonists, bullying, punching down on the queer woman of color antagonist, violence, murder, torture, coerced consent, and shirtless vampires from the book.)

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