Episode 2 Character Design Vote

The polished 1.0 version of the first episode should arrive later this month, but in the meantime, planning is underway for the production of the 2nd episode, tentatively titled "A Midsummer Night's Dinner Date." In this one, you will go on a date with an astoundingly wealthy billionaire fairy socialite. 

The cover picture shows 3 different potential character designs for her, by three different artists. (To get some different perspectives!) Please vote for your favorite one below! The winning design will become the one used for the main dateable character of episode 2, so choose wisely! The two 'losing' ones may be reintroduced later as side characters, so they won't 'go to waste.' If you want to get a closer look at each one, the individual high resolution designs are also attached. As with the first episode, the final game will be released to the public for free, but any money pledged will go towards adding more content, while there will also be some patron-only votes on the contents of those bonus scenes. 

The art presented in these designs may not be representative of the final art-style used in the game , so please vote based mainly on the design rather than a preference for the artstyle or technical quality presented in a given design. A hard end date for the poll has not been set, but it should likely close at the end of the month. 

Also, feel free to comment with any general thoughts or suggestions on the designs. If you're willing to share why you prefer a specific design we can take that feedback into account for designing future characters as well.

Update: Poll is closing! Now is your last chance to vote!

Design X by Ebelisk (The leftmost one, with the green bg)


Design Y by Cholie (The center one, with the white bg)


Design Z by Janmayan (The right one, with the brown bg)

Poll ended Aug 7, 2018
136 votes total
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